Test Angličtiny Callanova metoda


Do konce testu zbývá:  minut.

V následující sekvenci otázek, prosím, vyberte variantu odpovědi, kterou považujete za správnou. Vždy je správná pouze jedna možnost. Náročnost otázek postupně stoupá. Pokud je budete považovat již za příliš komplikované, nepokračujte ve vyplňování a test odešlete.

1. What colour _________ pencil? has this is this are these

2. Is the car in front or behind ______? he she him

3. I am ________ the book ______ the table. taking, on putting, from taking, from

4. What ______ doing? am I I am he is

5. __________ a light on the ceiling? Are there Is there There is

6. ______ the door, please. Closesv Close Closing

7. “A” is the _____ letter of the alphabet. one last first

8. Is there __________ in this room? anybody somebody nobody

9._____ she ________ on a chair? Is, sitting Does, sitting Is, sit

10. Jane __________ Chinese. can speaking can speaks can speak

11. Paris is ____the north of France. in on at

12. She speaks English, Spanish, French and German. She´s_________learning languages. good in good at good on

13. That car is his, this one is _____ . my mine me

14. _______ time is it? How much Which What

15. Does he drink______ milk? Yes, he drinks _____milk. a lot of, much little, a lot of much, a lot of

16. Brian drinks _______ water than milk. less fewer fewest

17. What is the ____________ car in the world? expensivest much expensive most expensive

18. My nose is _______ our mouth. above below under

19. If she wants something to eat she _______ go _______ to a restaurant or home. will, either must, either will, neither

20. Jessica is __________ her sister. tall than bigger then taller than

21. Mt Everest is __________ mountain in the world. highest higher the highest

22. Do you eat __________ food ______ your brother? as many, as as much, like as much, as

23. Have your parents got any more children _________ you? besides beside apart from

24. Where _________ you yesterday? were are was

25. He speaks very _________ but he writes very _________. quickly, slow quickly, slowly quick, slow

26. Did you work yesterday? No, I _______________ yesterday. didn´t worked don´t worked didn´t work

27. In some countries________can have more_________ . men, wifes mans, wife man, womens

28. Jane ___________ her leg last summer. broke broken has broken

29. I didn´t________any alcohol yesterday night because I ________ the car. drank, drive drank, drove drink, drove

30. She ________ ill so she didn´t ________ to the party. feel, go felt, go fell, went

31. I think it´s not worth ________ it. doing to do to doing

32. In three months I ________ here. am not won´t be want be

33. ________ I answer the phone? Will Shall Won´t

34. You __________ smoke in this building. don´t have to needn´t mustn´t

35. If ________to the park tomorrow, I ___________ football. I will go, play I will go, I will play go, I will play

36. If I ________ 1 million pounds I ____________buy a house. have, would buy have, I will buy had, would buy

37. How often do you _______ online to look at your e-mails? go get got

38. She is very happy _________ she has many problems. even although if

39. She was watching the TV _______ he entered the room. while when and then

40. He ____________ his homework while she was cooking dinner. is doing were doing was doing

41. Let´s go! Get _____ the car. on in at

42. Mary could not enter her flat yesterday because she __________ her key. lost has lost had lost

43. ___________ her illness, she went to work. In spite of Although Even though

44. I will be sleeping at 3 a.m. and my sister will _______ be sleeping. too as well also

45. Tomorrow at this time I _____________ English. am studying will studying will be studying

46. If I _______to the park yesterday, I would _______ football. went, play had gone, play had gone, have played

47. I ____________ drink a tea. rather would rather would prefer

48. At 9 o´clock I ______________ my dinner. have eaten will have eaten will eaten

49. I said that the room_______large. is was were

50. Mary said: “I went to the cinema.” Mary said that she ____________ to the cinema. have gone has gone had gone

51. John said: “I will go to London.” John said that he ____________ to London. has gone have gone would go

52. My trousers are too long I must ___________ them. short shorten shorted

53. You _______ to call our dad because it´s his birthday. ought should shall

54. I ________________ on this project for four hours. am working have worked have been working

55. Tomorrow I ______________ working on this project for one week. have been had been will have been

56. I _____________ by a hairdresser. have my hair cut cut my hair have cut

57. When a car __________ are you able to make it go again? breaks down breaks up breaks off

58. I don´t have a sister and David doesn´t have one _______ . either neither too

59. I have made an arrangement for tonight, I ___________ my friend. meet will meet am meeting

60. Here you are, __________! lastly at least at last

61. He will cook dinner when he ___________ home. gets will get is getting

62. I am just _______with everything! fed off fed up fed out

63. He can´t open the window. ____________ Neither can I. Either can I. I can neither.

64. The guy is really irritating, he´s getting _______my nerves. up to on

65. The teacher said: “Sit down, children!” She told the children ______________ . they sat down to sit down to sat down

66. After I _________breakfast, I always brush my teeth. eat will eat am eating

67. Let´s _______ our opinions. argue quarrel discuss

68. I saw two _______in the _______ . deer, wood deer, woods deers, woods

69. He knows a lot of __________ about this topic. informs information informations

70. ____ bread is commonly eaten with ____butter. a) -,- the, the a, a

71. It is said that opposites __________ each other. attract attraction attractive

72. The two countries are _____ begin new discussion on trade. up to on

73. He didn´t call her yesterday but he should __________ it. has done have done had done

74. I_______ study so hard, because the exam is not difficult. can´t mustn´t needn´t

75. The weather in this country is very hot, I must ___________ to it. be used get used have used

76. When I _______________my dinner, I will watch TV. will eat am going to eat have eaten

77. Jane is ____________ member of the family. the happyest the happiest the most happy

78. Careless drivers who run _______ people should go to jail. on upon over

79. He was busy with his homework, and _______ couldn´t go to the theatre. that thus though

80. Elizabeth finished ___________ the newspaper. reading to read read

81. Both parents have brown eyes but they have a _____________ baby. blue-eye blue-eyes blue-eyed

82. He´s from Finland, that´s why he speaks _______ . Fin Finish Finnish

83. She didn´t kiss him but she __________ . wanted wanted to wanted do

84. I knelt down by the bed and looked_______ . below under underneath

85. I did not realize when we first started this job that it ______ to be so difficult. was would will

86. Flour is wheat or corn that has been __________into a powder. ground grounded grinded

87. Hotels usually _______________ of all the facilities. have advantage take advantage get advantage

88. I know the English alphabet _______ heart. of from by

89. How do we call the set of instructions that tells us how to cook a particular dish? recipe receipt recept

90. He regrets _______ his house.. selling to sell to selling

91. I _______ short of money every end of the month. run get pay

92. I couldn´t stand her but I had to invite her to the party _______ . although anyway despite

93. Who is the ____________ leader of the government in this country? present current contemporary

94. My new phone is _______ better than the old one. very far too

95. If my job _______ so demanding, I ______________ to your birthday party last week. wasn´t, would come wasn´t, would have come wasn´t, would came