Začátečníci – středně pokročilí (pro kurzy Callanovou metodou)

Začátečníci – středně pokročilí

pro kurzy Callanovou metodou

Test je určen jako pomůcka pro vhodnou volbu pokročilosti Vašeho kurzu. Čas k vypracování testu je limitován 40 minutami, poté bude test automaticky ukončen. Výsledek Vaši momentální pokročilosti dle kritérií naší jazykové školy se dozvíte okamžitě po kliknutí na tlačítko “Získat výsledky testu” a zároveň Vám bude zaslán na uvedený e-mail s dalšími informacemi. Odesláním souhlasíte s našimi GDPR podmínkami.

V následující sekvenci otázek, prosím, vyberte variantu odpovědi, kterou považujete za správnou. Vždy je správná pouze jedna možnost. Náročnost otázek postupně stoupá. Neznáte-li odpověď, netipujte, nechte zatrženo “Nevím”.

Pro správné zobrazení testů používejte české prostředí, protože automatické překlady v prohlížeči ( i mobilním) nezobrazí test správně!


Vyžadované informace jsou označeny *

Vaše jméno a príjmení

Kam zaslat výsledek testu

1.What colour _________ pencil? *
2.Is the car in front or behind ______? *
3.I am ________ the book ______ the table. *
4.What ______ doing? *
5.__________ a light on the ceiling? *
6.______ the door, please. *
7.“A” is the _____ letter of the alphabet. *
8.Is there __________ in this room? *
9.9._____ she ________ on a chair? *
10.Jane __________ Chinese. *
11.Paris is ____the north of France. *
12.She speaks English, Spanish, French and German. She´s_________learning languages. *
13.That car is his, this one is _____ . *
14._______ time is it? *
15.Does he drink______ milk? Yes, he drinks _____milk. *
16.Brian drinks _______ water than milk. *
17.What is the ____________ car in the world? *
18.My nose is _______ our mouth. *
19.If she wants something to eat she _______ go _______ to a restaurant or home. *
20.Jessica is __________ her sister. *
21.Mt Everest is __________ mountain in the world. *
22.Do you eat __________ food ______ your brother? *
23.Have your parents got any more children _________ you? *
24.Where _________ you yesterday? *
25.He speaks very _________ but he writes very _________. *
26.Did you work yesterday? No, I _______________ yesterday. *
27.In some countries________can have more_________ . *
28.Jane ___________ her leg last summer. *
29.I didn´t________any alcohol yesterday night because I ________ the car. *
30.She ________ ill so she didn´t ________ to the party. *
31.I think it´s not worth ________ it. *
32.In three months I ________ here. *
33.________ I answer the phone? *
34.You __________ smoke in this building. *
35.If ________to the park tomorrow, I ___________ football. *
36.If I ________ 1 million pounds I ____________buy a house. *
37.How often do you _______ online to look at your e-mails? *
38.She is very happy _________ she has many problems. *
39.She was watching the TV _______ he entered the room. *
40.He ____________ his homework while she was cooking dinner. *
41.Let´s go! Get _____ the car. *
42.Mary could not enter her flat yesterday because she __________ her key. *
43.___________ her illness, she went to work. *
44.I will be sleeping at 3 a.m. and my sister will _______ be sleeping. *
45.Tomorrow at this time I _____________ English. *
46.If I _______to the park yesterday, I would _______ football. *
47.I ____________ drink a tea. *
48.At 9 o´clock I ______________ my dinner. *
49.I said that the room_______large. *
50.Mary said: “I went to the cinema.” Mary said that she ____________ to the cinema. *
51.John said: “I will go to London.” John said that he ____________ to London. *
52.My trousers are too long I must ___________ them. *
53.You _______ to call our dad because it´s his birthday. *
54.I ________________ on this project for four hours. *
55.Tomorrow I ______________ working on this project for one week. *
56.I _____________ by a hairdresser. *
57.When a car __________ are you able to make it go again? *
58.I don´t have a sister and David doesn´t have one _______ . *
59.I have made an arrangement for tonight, I ___________ my friend. *
60.Here you are, __________! *
61.He will cook dinner when he ___________ home. *
62.I am just _______with everything! *
63.He can´t open the window. ____________ *
64.The guy is really irritating, he´s getting _______my nerves. *
65.The teacher said: “Sit down, children!” She told the children ______________ . *
66.After I _________breakfast, I always brush my teeth. *
67.Let´s _______ our opinions. *
68.I saw two _______in the _______ . *
69.He knows a lot of __________ about this topic. *
70.____ bread is commonly eaten with ____butter. *
71.It is said that opposites __________ each other. *
72.The two countries are _____ begin new discussion on trade. *
73.He didn´t call her yesterday but he should __________ it. *
74.I_______ study so hard, because the exam is not difficult. *
75.The weather in this country is very hot, I must ___________ to it. *
76.When I _______________my dinner, I will watch TV. *
77.Jane is ____________ member of the family. *
78.Careless drivers who run _______ people should go to jail. *
79.He was busy with his homework, and _______ couldn´t go to the theatre. *
80.Elizabeth finished ___________ the newspaper. *
81.Both parents have brown eyes but they have a _____________ baby. *
82.He´s from Finland, that´s why he speaks _______ . *
83.She didn´t kiss him but she __________ . *
84.I knelt down by the bed and looked_______ . *
85.I did not realize when we first started this job that it ______ to be so difficult. *
86.Flour is wheat or corn that has been __________into a powder. *
87.Hotels usually _______________ of all the facilities. *
88.I know the English alphabet _______ heart. *
89.How do we call the set of instructions that tells us how to cook a particular dish? *
90.He regrets _______ his house. *
91.I _______ short of money every end of the month. *
92.I couldn´t stand her but I had to invite her to the party _______ . *
93.Who is the ____________ leader of the government in this country? *
94.My new phone is _______ better than the old one. *
95.If my job _______ so demanding, I ______________ to your birthday party last week. *