Test pro pomaturitní studium a letní konverzační kurzy

Test angličtiny (začátečníci – středně pokročilí)

pomaturitní studium a letní konverzační kurzy

Test je určen jako pomůcka pro vhodnou volbu pokročilosti Vašeho kurzu. Čas k vypracování testu je 40 minut. Výsledek Vaši momentální pokročilosti dle kritérií naší jazykové školy se dozvíte okamžitě po kliknutí na tlačítko “Získat výsledky testu” a zároveň Vám bude zaslán na uvedený e-mail. Odesláním souhlasíte s našimi GDPR podmínkami.

V následující sekvenci otázek, prosím, vyberte variantu odpovědi, kterou považujete za správnou. Vždy je správná pouze jedna možnost. Náročnost otázek postupně stoupá. Neznáte-li odpověď, netipujte, nechte zatrženo “Nevím”.

Pro správné zobrazení testů používejte české prostředí, protože automatické překlady v prohlížeči ( i mobilním) nezobrazí test správně!


Vyžadované informace jsou označeny *

Vyplnte Vaše jméno a príjmení

E-mail, na který Vám prijde výsledek

1.1. Where ______ you from? *
2.2. I live ______ the United States. *
3.3. I have ______ cup of tea every afternoon. *
4.My friend ___________ a new flat. *
5.The bus leaves at 3:15. *
6.She ___________ any pictures of her family. *
7.There are many __________ on the table. *
8.__________ of music do you like? *
9.He ________ the guitar very well. *
10.That picture is very nice. I ________ like it. *
11.When ________ he usually _______ a dinner? *
12.My friend ________ two days in Paris last month. *
13.Mary ________ to work every day. *
14.2:45 ________ *
15.Do you like dancing? *
16.________ she ________ on holiday every year? *
17.Where is your colleague? She ________ her lunch right now. *
18.I ________ her two weeks ago. *
19.Can you visit your grandmother ________ Wednesday? *
20.Excuse me. Could you tell me ________________________ *
21.Don´t forget to ________ a dog for a walk when I am not at home. *
22.My brother ________ me crying last night. *
23.We ________________ for a teacher. *
24.To pass an exam is ________________ than it was before. *
25.Don´t ________ it. It´s not worth it. *
26.Who ________ it to you? “My mother.” *
27.I am sorry. I ________ go now. My boss asked me to do something. *
28.There is no sugar. Could you ________ some for me? *
29.He is a nice person, ________ ? *
30.She ________ me her name. *
31.The sky is cloudy. I think ________ rain today. *
32.He is not ________ good ________ his wife at driving. *
33.Did you spend your holiday with his parents? *
34.I _____________ my clinical studies yet. *
35.My brother ______________ my best friend last year. *
36.I ________ him not to go there and he ________ there again. *
37.She has lived in this country ________ many years. *
38.I ________ in your country 2 years ago. *
39.Somebody ________ into our house while we ________ a picnic. *
40.________ people have lots of ideas. They often create something. *
41.I am ________ getting up early. *
42.It´s been raining ________ lunchtime. *
43.My mother ________ up in the Czech republic. *
44.Unfortunately, I ________ my key. I can´t get into the house. *
45.I was being serious. I really didn´t know who she was. I ________ her before. *
46.I am terribly sorry. I am late. My car ________ down on my way here. *
47.I was exhausted when I got home. I______________ hard all day. *
48.I _____________ a lot of money on clothes. I can´t afford it any more. *
49.I am not feeling very well. I think I ________ sick. *
50.Have you decided what to do about that job you were interested in? I am not going ______ it. *
51.I always leave for work at 7 o´clock in the morning. I won´t be at home at 8 o´clock – I will ________ to work. *
52.She´s going to read a lot ________ on holiday. *
53.She didn´t want to come with us at first, but I ________ persuade her. *
54.My sister was very lucky. She ________ herself when she fell, but she´s ok. *
55.She´s been cleaning all day. She ________ be tired. *
56.What ________ to get this job? *
57.If I ________ to university , my parents would be angry with me. *
58.If she ________ in my position, what would she do? *
59.If I ________ you were tired, I wouldn´t have decided to visit you. *
60.Many accidents ________ by careless driving. *
61.When I arrived home last night. I realized that my wife ________ already ________ dinner. *
62.My cousin and his wife ________ all their money ________ while they were on holiday. *
63.What ________ to you ten days ago? *
64.Do you know what time ______________ ? *
65.My colleague doesn´t go to work every day, ________ ? *
66.My husband suggested ________ to the theatre a couple of days ago. *
67.I pretended ________ you when I passed you in the street. *
68.________ other people as you want to be ________ . *
69.Would he mind ________ this kind of food? What do you think? *
70.I ________ at home tonight than go to Prague. *
71.Are you still interested ________ working on this project? *
72.She isn´t used ________ so hard. *
73.Have you succeeded ________ looking for a good flat yet? *
74.Honestly, I had no ______________ a hotel to stay. *
75.We have decided to ________ the match. *
76.________ unemployed, he really can´t afford to go on holiday. *
77.I can´t concentrate. There´s too ________ . *
78.I don´t want you to pay for him. He wants to pay for________ anyway. *
79.I thought his job was going to be less ________ . *
80.I ________ all the time before my husband arrived. *
81.Why does your colleague always look so ________ ? *
82.She came back from holiday. She told me that the time had _______ very ________ . *
83.I thought the hotel would be expensive, but it was ________ cheap. *
84.She´s nearly always at work in the evenings. She ________ eats at home. *
85.I was sure that I ________ that meal before. *
86.If your girlfriend phones I ________ you know. *
87.My brother regrets ________ his house. *
88.I miss ________ in the evenings. *
89.What are you doing here? You ________ be at school. *
90.I am really exhausted. Unusually I got up at six. I don´t usually get up ________ early. *
91.This grapefruit is not ________ enough to eat. *
92.The weather isn´t so good. It´s ________ cloudy. *
93.There were a lot of people on the bus. It was ________ usual. *
94.Don´t worry. He is not ______ good ______ you. *
95.________ she can´t lose, she has decided to take part in some competition. *
96.I am at school now ________ I am still feeling unwell. *
97.You should insure your car ________ it is stolen. *
98.You won´t feel healthy ________ you do some exercise every day. *
99.I fell asleep while ________ TV. *
100.Thank you for the invitation ________ your party in two weeks. *