Příprava k mezinárodním zkouškám FCE

Příprava k mezinárodním zkouškám FCE

Test je určen jako pomůcka pro vhodnou volbu pokročilosti Vašeho kurzu. Před zahájením testu zadejte své osobní údaje, které pro nás slouží jako informace o absolvování vstupního testu. Čas k vypracování testu je limitován 40 minutami, poté bude test automaticky ukončen. Výsledek Vaši momentální pokročilosti dle kritérií naší jazykové školy se dozvíte okamžitě po klilknutí na tlačítko “Získat výsledky testu”

V následující sekvenci otázek, prosím, vyberte variantu odpovědi, kterou považujete za správnou. Vždy je správná pouze jedna možnost. Náročnost otázek postupně stoupá. Pokud je budete považovat již za příliš komplikované, nepokračujte ve vyplňování a test odešlete.

Test 40 minut

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Telefon na Vás

1.I think it´s very easy to ___________ debt these days. *
2.I feel very ____________. I´m going to go to bed! *
3.We won´t catch the plane ___________ we leave home now! Please hurry up! *
4.I don´t remember mentioning ___________ dinner together tonight. *
5.Was it Captain Cook ______________ New Zealand? *
6.There was _____ knock on _____ door. I opened it and found _____ small dark man standing there in _____ black raincoat and _____ woollen cap. *
7.The police claimed that the accident was ____________ ice on the road. *
8.George went out and took an umbrella. But it didn´t rain. He ______________ an umbrella. *
9.___________ you need any further information, please do not hesitate to ask me. *
10.I must apologize. I am sorry ___________ your window. *
11.She speaks five languages. I am ___________ her. *
12.Better to be ___________ than in bad company. *
13.He stayed at work because he wasn´t ___________ spending time with his wife. *
14.I am very fond ______ his older brother. *
15.Don´t talk to me like that. I am not listening _______ you. *
16.We had a ___________ her rude behaviour. *
17.Have you decided to ___________ this job? I think you´d be good at this kind of job. *
18.Stop. You´re running so fast. I can´t ___________ you. *
19.I wish I ___________ my exam ten days ago. *
20.My flat _______ temporarily _______ rebuilt. *
21.________ I was hungry, I decided to find somewhere to eat. *
22.I left my coat ___________ it was. *
23.It snowed _________ four days without stopping. *
24.I am just going out to the cinema. I´ll be back ______________. *
25.I´ll see you ___________. *
26.I am going to Rome ___________.of June. *
27.I hope he´ll find a solution _____ the problem. *
28.I´m not very _______ telling jokes. *
29.He ___________ his watch to see what the time was. *
30.I´ ve ___________ what he said and I´ve decided to také his advice. *
31.That´s a very good idea. Why didn´t I ___________ that? *
32.Everybody _______ me ______ the things which have happened recently. *
33.Does he ___________ God? I don´t know. I´ve never asked him. *
34.Do you know what? Somebody ___________.our house yesterday, but nothing was stolen. I can´t believe it. *
35.I hope that my best friend will ___________ finding the job she really wants. *
36.Trust me. I want to go alone. Why do you ___________ coming with me? *
37.I prefer travelling by train ______ driving. It´s more comfortable. *
38.Eric Clapton sings in his song: “Would you know my name, if I _________ you in heaven?” *
39.It happens quite often that we ___________ milk in the fridge. *
40.It was very warm, so I told my son to ______ his jacket ______. *
41.Don´t worry. I won´t ______ you ______ I´ll do my best to pass an exam. *
42.What have you been doing all day? You haven´t done anything. It´s time ___________ work! *
43.My daughter ___________ whether I could win this competition. *
44.The police ___________ John ______ murdering his colleague. *
45.If I had had some money, I _______________ that house. *
46.I´ve decided ________________ my guitar after all. *
47.I honestly don´t think he is ___________ doing such a nasty thing. *
48.My father shouted at me two days ago – he was really ___________ with me! *
49.I am not used to ___________ so early in the morning. *
50.They ___________ tired after their long journey. *